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Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation Entails
Opportunities And Risks For Your Company

  • existing rules are no longer valid
  • sales and profit slump
  • danger of disruption
  • high customer trust
  • new business models
  • rapid company growth
After 20 years, there is
only one traditional bank listed on DAX,
instead of five.

Our Consulting

Digital Transformation Audit
  • objective review
  • opportunities and threats to your business
  • recommendations for action
  • later checkpoints and intermediate audits
Backing During the Digital Transformation
  • assistance in the roadmap preparation
  • advice on the selection of resources
  • assistance in change management
Market and Industry Analyzes
  • digital quadrant for your industry
  • disruptors, digital leaders, defenders, followers
  • monitoring of digital development
Business models are no longer static today.
They are constantly changing,
because there are always new possibilities.

Unique through 4i-Consulting

Objective and free of any ties to software or solution providers.
Unconventional through original perspective and ideas that go beyond the scope.
Your company is unique and deserves our very personal treatment.
We are driven by a passion for technological and cultural change.
The only constant is the ever faster change.

The Team of Experts
with Practical Experience

We are a network of experts in the fields of business model development, technology, HR and marketing
Andreas Schwarzkopf
Digitale Transformation, Business Model Design
  • Backing of the digital transformation at a German education provider
  • Participation in the digital innovation project of a global telecom provider
  • Development of a data analysis startup in cooperation with Scout24
  • Participation in a startup accelerator in Palo Alto, California
  • Digital transformation of a cloud provider in Moscow
  • Development of digital marketing with a German international company
    Tino Köhler
    Growth Marketing, Customer Centricity
    • Aufbau eines Growth-Teams bei einem Börsen-gelistetem internationalem Sozialen Netzwerk
    • Exekution einer Full-Funnel-Strategie inkl. Integration einer Marketing-Automation-Lösung
    • Umsetzung einer Growth Marketing-Strategie in einem VC-finanziertem Start-up
    • Implementierung einer BI- und CRM-Lösung bei einem eCommerce-Champion
    • Aufbau eines >30 FTE E-Mail Marketing Teams bei der Unister Holding

    DIgital Transformation
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